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This is an awesome short episode!

I came to Agile because I thought people finally realized common sense, that professionals are finally allowed to organize their work, teams are allowed to experiment, we focus on delivery instead of beurocracy and politics and it's fun to work together. Instead, now I'm expected to know the bibles such as Scrum, SAFe etc , behave like an Agile police and be a Jira admin.

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When SCRUM is read as a process you implement rather than an example how how a team could start their journey into agility this happens Aina. Any chance to get out of the JIRA gatekeeper box and find ways in which you team can be awesome?

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I'm trying to find ways focusing on communication, team building, team gluing and other soft skills rather than sticking to Jira.

Also I'm ending my commitments in summer, so looking for new opportunities and adventures globally :)

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