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I like the phrase "Minimizing catastrophic thinking"

I always assume the worst but I've learned how I can benefit out of this. First, I recognize, why this scenario is catastrophic for me. For example, my boss set up a meeting with me and I assumed that I'm fired. Why I created THIS scenario? Why is so bad for me to be fired? Then I switch to logic and think why this is so bad: I might lose my reputation, I don't have savings, my ego will be hurt, I'll miss my colleagues etc. Then, what can I do to minimize this right now. (update my resume, monitor new jobs etc). Then I live through this negative experience and after that switch to the most positive one. Then I relax and tell myself that I would prefer this to be the most positive scenario but if the universe believes that I need to go through the negative one, I trust it and I'm ready. Probably, it prepares something better for me (a better job) but I'm so stuck in my comfort zone, so need to go through this pain to get something better. After that I stop thinking of this. At the end, if I still have this job, I work on an identified mitigation plan: start saving, take my colleagues contacts to be in touch later, start being more active on Linkedin etc, so next time I wouldn't feel this as a disaster

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