Are you in the Offline Bookies Club?

Book Lovers Unite! Offline Bookies: Taking the Literary World by Storm, One Chapter at a Time will start reading "Building Better Organizations".

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your books because we're starting an offline, remote first book club! That's right, we're taking the literary world by storm, one chapter at a time. Our first book is "Building Better Organizations" by Claudy Jules. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Building Better Organizations? That sounds about as thrilling as watching paint dry." But fear not, my bookish friends, we're trying to choose books off the beaten track of agility so that we all learn new perspectives.

Think of it as the literary equivalent of trying exotic food for the first time. You might not like it, but at least you can say you've tried it. So, join us in the chat with your highlights or questions about our highlights. And remember, no matter how bad the book is, it's always better than working on a Friday afternoon. Happy reading!

Once we've all finished reading, we'll be rounding up all the contributors to the chat and invite 'em to come record a book review episode with us. So, get ready to hear some hilarious hot takes on the latest on agility, life the universe and everything, folks!

Now go get yourself “Building Better Organizations” by Claudy Jules, you can find it at this link and join us on this reading adventure by replying to our comments below.

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Enterprise Agility Mastery
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