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Industry Trends for 2023

Richard James shows us where is the industry going this year

Welcome to the Enterprise Agility topic of the week!

Today we are joined by our good friend Richard James who recently returned to the consultancy world after 7 years in industry.

We begin by discussing the trends for 2023. Efficiency is at the forefront of every executive's mind and the need for increased efficiency is driving the implementation of Lean practices. Waste reduction, smaller batches, and increased effectiveness are all part of the Lean equation. Additionally, Resilience and Automation are essential components to consider in order to increase the effectiveness of spend.

We then move on to discuss how to help agile endure by delivering on your business goals and savings projects. This includes an examination of team topologies, social-technical design, and the architecture of the enterprise. We hope that you will enjoy this episode of Enterprise Agility Podcast.

Thank you for joining us and until next week!

Enterprise Agility Mastery
Enterprise Agility Mastery
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