Are we Agile Yet?

The struggle of enterprises in agile adoption

Happy New Year, dear listeners!

In today's episode, we have a special guest, Steve Colasinski, an old friend of ours. Steve join us straight from the frontlines of agile and has some interesting insights to share.

The topic we will be discussing is why organizations are struggling with agile adoption. It can be a challenging transition for many companies, and Steve has seen this firsthand.

We'll also give an example of an organization that didn't have a smooth agile adoption process and discuss what went wrong. As well as one where it went really smoothly and why.

Finally, we'll talk about how to tell on the first day you arrive at a new organization if it is struggling with agile adoption. Steve has some valuable tips to share on this front.

We hope you'll join us for this New Year edition of our podcast, filled with discussions on agile adoption challenges and solutions. And the first from our “straight from the trenches series”

You can reach steve by email at scolasin@gmail.com

Enterprise Agility Mastery
Enterprise Agility Mastery
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